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The President's Message
Gutter and downspout - Roof maintenance in Pittsburgh, PA
I want to personally thank all of our existing clients who have repeatedly placed their trust in Welte and we want prospective customers to know that we are committed to employee education and training for both technical competency and safety. We recognize our employees as our largest asset. We foster a family environment and employ several skilled craftsman in our production department. More than half of our employees both in the office as well as in the installation department have been with us for years.
We customize many of our programs and services to fit our customers' needs:

  • Budgeting season
  • Customized tiered billings to meet depreciation schedules
  • Phasing of projects to meet customer schedules
  • Customized roof maintenance schedules to meet needs of specific conditions.

- Pat McGonigle, President
Welte Roofing in Pittsburgh, PA was founded by Larry Welte in 1946.

We have been following the same tried and true code of ethics listed below to the best of our ability for more than 70 years.

  • We make no false promises or claims in our advertising.
  • We provide professional, courteous reception when owners call with inquiry or request for bid.
  • We keep appointments to the best of our ability (if conflicts arise we call the owner to reschedule).
  • We provide a professional appraisal at the owner's request.
  • We provide written specifications for projects that require them; all according to manufacturer specifications and industry standards.
  • We only encourage projects that are structurally and financially sound.
  • We are licensed by local authorities and follow local requirements.
  • We are certified installers by manufactures when applicable.
  • We provide proof of insurance to owners.
  • We provide customer reference lists to owners.
  • We fulfill all contract obligations.
  • We provide manufacturer's long term warranty whenever applicable.
  • We provide a contractor labor warranty.
  • We maintain communications with owners regarding any changes in schedule, scope of work, or unforeseen conditions.
  • We provide safe working conditions in accordance to OSHA guidelines and industry standards.
  • We are responsive to owner service calls.
  • Our management team and employees attend continuing education programs.
  • We aspire to uphold 100% owner satisfaction standards.