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New Roofing Systems


Danger Signs

Not sure if are in need of a new roof? Here are some of the danger signs for which to be on the lookout:

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation can cause roof materials to prematurely wear and develop cracks that become leaks which require replacing long before its due.

Green/Black Spots

If there are green/black fuzzy spot son your roof, you’re experiencing a common problem in Western, PA. The existence of algae, moss, or lichens on your roof can be due to poor ventilation, inadequate sunlight, or trees overgrowing your roof line. Sometimes these conditions can lead to mold growth under the roof.

Areas More Worn Than Others

Some areas of wear are obvious. You can see them on your roof, even if you’re not an expert. But, what you may not see is how bad your shingles are decaying underneath the surface. These areas of wear may not show their ugly head until a good gust of wind comes along, a major downpour, snow and ice buildup, or footsteps across the rooftop. Watch for pieces of shingle to appear on your lawn, flowerbeds, or shrubbery.

Stains on walls or ceilings

If there’s a stain on the wall or ceiling, it may be a roof leak that could become serious if left unattended. Most roof leaks will appear brown or discolored from the water penetrating the roof surface and making it through the roof decking. If you notice wet marks that aren’t discolored it may be condensation or a plumbing issue.

Intense Storms

Sometimes intense storms can bring hail which, if severe, can wreak havoc on roofing.

Rainwater flows downward, right? Maybe not in a rainstorm. Mix a good heavy downpour with strong winds and you may have water running uphill, or where you least expect it.

Wind Damage

Did wind damage strike your roof? Are shingles missing, torn, or lifted? Often, high winds can damage roofing materials and require repair.

Service Locations

We proudly serve all of Allegheny County, PA and the immediately surrounding areas. Contact us if you are unsure if we can service your property or check out the information below regarding specific regions and communities in and around Pittsburgh, PA.


The south hills are central to our customer base. Our office is in the heart of the south hills and we have been maintaining Pittsburgh’s rich slate and tile roof heritage in these communities for over 70 years.


Welte Roofing is fortunate to service several high-end slate and shingle roofs in the east end as well as work on several of Pittsburgh’s colleges and universities. We have repair crews in the east end of Pittsburgh, PA weekly.


From the Mexican War Streets to Sewickley and Allegheny to Fox Chapel we have satisfied customers north of Pittsburgh in almost every community with every type of roofing.


Where it all began – the West End. Our original offices were located in the West End and we have long-standing customers dating back to our first year in business from this region.


New Roofing Systems

Shingles, slate, tile, shake, rubber, and metal – we do it all. We professionally install all types of roofing for your home or new construction.

Maintenance Program

We offer the convenience of a Fall and Spring maintenance program to make sure your roof is ready for the Winter and secure in the Spring.

Roof Repairs

If you spring a leak or are experiencing issues with your roof system, we run repair service year-round (weather permitting) to get you squared away.

Roof Inspections

Selling or buying a house? We provide detailed roof inspections to help get the roof into top shape to aid in the negotiation process.

Other Services

We offer a full compliment of other roof related services including gutters, downspouts, soffit, fascia, siding, skylights, and custom metal work.