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Below, you will find a little bit about how we do what we do. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we have developed tried and true methods for installations and repairs that help to assure our customers that their roof systems will remain water tight. These are the steps and procedures we use by default on new installations and repair work.



Welte Roofing always removes the existing roofing before starting to install a new roof. Some roofing companies will install a second layer of singles over an existing layer. However, doing this can cause the new shingles to prematurely age and is not the best practice. Therefore, we will strip off old shingles, inspect the decking and replace any bad wood we find before starting to put on a new roof system.


We use synthetic underlayments to match the manufacturer of the roof shingles we are installing. The synthetic underlayment is applied to the wood roof decking with button-cap nails to prevent the nail heads from pulling through the underlayment. Underlayment is the first layer of defense against water infiltration.


We install ice and water shield at all gutter lines, valleys, walls, and roof penetrations. Ice and water shield is a thick, self-adhesive layer that is intended to give extra protection at areas where ice build-up can be expected.


We install aluminum drip edge to all rake and gutter lines in order to protect the exposed edge of your roof decking. The drip edge is tied into the underlayment system with ice and water shield to ensure water is routed over the drip edge and into the gutters.


When dealing with plumbing vent pipes that penetrate the roof, we always remove the existing flashings. Then, we install a piece of ice and water around the pipe and tie it into the underlayment. We follow that by caulking around the base of the pipe sealing it to the ice and water shield. After this base preparation, we install aluminum pipe flanges. The flanges are secured on the high side (which will be covered with shingles), but never on the low side (exposed toe-nails). This allows any water that may penetrate the flange a way to exit and not be trapped under the flange.


Welte Roofing chooses to use 1 ½” roofing nails when many other companies use 1 ¼” nails. We have found that using the longer nails, while more costly, offers extra durability and longevity to the shingles security in high wind situations. The longer nails bite deeper into the wood decking and take longer to work their way back out. Also, we use galvanized nails to prevent rusting and corrosion.


To start, at any chimney or wall we first install ice and water shield. It is laid on the deck surface and wrapped up the wall. Then we install base flashings made of aluminum or copper depending on the customer’s needs. These base flashings are designed in a stair-step fashion to allow the exit of any water that may find its way inside. Finally, we install a counter flashing. This piece covers the base flashings and is actually raggeled into the brick mortar joints and caulked to seal.


We install ridge vents at all ridges. This allows hot air to rise and escape in the most efficient manner. Welte Roofing uses a ridge vent that can be directly shingled over so it virtually disappears. The installation of ridge vent often enables the elimination of tradition roof louver vents. This is beneficial because it also eliminates penetrations in the roof which are most vulnerable to failure. However, if the design of the roof does not have enough ridge line to allow the roof to properly vent, we can install power vent fans, louvers, hip vent and/or eave vents. Proper ventilation is essential in extending the life of the roofing materials.


Welte Roofing uses only top-quality shingles from GAF, CertainTeed, and Owens Corning. It is essential to use the best possible quality materials. We follow all manufacturer’s installation guidelines for offsets and exposures by starting at the gutter line, measuring up the roof surface, and snapping chalk lines. This assures that the shingles remain straight and consistent up the roof. The shingles are installed to overlap the drip edge between ½” and 1″.


We use prefabricated gutters made by Mastic because they are a thicker grade metal than seamless and store-bought options. Whenever possible, we install the gutters with roof apron. This is a piece of metal flashing that clips into the back of the gutter and extend up onto the roof deck under the shingles. It effectively seals the gutter to the roof surface which adds strength and prevents water from ever hitting the fascia boards or decking. We secure gutters with fascia hangers, strap hangers, or combination (nut & bolt) hangers depending on conditions.

Service Locations

We proudly serve all of Allegheny County, PA and the immediately surrounding areas. Contact us if you are unsure if we can service your property or check out the information below regarding specific regions and communities in and around Pittsburgh, PA.


The south hills are central to our customer base. Our office is in the heart of the south hills and we have been maintaining Pittsburgh’s rich slate and tile roof heritage in these communities for over 70 years.


Welte Roofing is fortunate to service several high-end slate and shingle roofs in the east end as well as work on several of Pittsburgh’s colleges and universities. We have repair crews in the east end of Pittsburgh, PA weekly.


From the Mexican War Streets to Sewickley and Allegheny to Fox Chapel we have satisfied customers north of Pittsburgh in almost every community with every type of roofing.


Where it all began – the West End. Our original offices were located in the West End and we have long-standing customers dating back to our first year in business from this region.


New Roofing Systems

Shingles, slate, tile, shake, rubber, and metal – we do it all. We professionally install all types of roofing for your home or new construction.

Maintenance Program

We offer the convenience of a Fall and Spring maintenance program to make sure your roof is ready for the Winter and secure in the Spring.

Roof Repairs

If you spring a leak or are experiencing issues with your roof system, we run repair service year-round (weather permitting) to get you squared away.

Roof Inspections

Selling or buying a house? We provide detailed roof inspections to help get the roof into top shape to aid in the negotiation process.

Other Services

We offer a full compliment of other roof related services including gutters, downspouts, soffit, fascia, siding, skylights, and custom metal work.