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Roofing Service in Pittsburgh, PA

Welte Roofing in Pittsburgh, PA knows how important having a solid roof over your head can be.

Keeping a roof in good condition is no accident. You have got to plan for it! Let Welte Roofing show you how affordable a Preventative Maintenance Program would be for all of your roofing needs. Not only will it save time and aggravation, in the long run, it will save you money!

We stand behind our work (in addition to standing on it.) When you call Welte Roofing to install or repair a roof, rest assured your job will get done right, the first time. If for any reason we need to return, we'll be there in a flash! (Excuse the pun.)

Many future problems can be avoided with a little advance planning. Let our expert roofing designers help you determine the correct pitch, support and roofing materials for your job.

Time For A New Roof? Look for these danger signals:

Poor ventilation can cause roof materials to prematurely wear, develop cracks which eventually becomes leaks, and requires replacing long before its due. Let Welte help you determine what's needed to ensure adequate ventilation in your attic, crawl space or gable to maximize the life of your roof.

If there's a stain on the wall or ceiling, it's a sure sign there's a leak in your roof. Let Welte Roofing help you determine where the leak is, and what caused it. Only then can you be sure it won't keep coming back every time it rains.

If there are green/black fuzzy spotson your roof, you're experiencing a common problem of poor ventilation and this needs to be eliminated. The existance of algae growing on the surface is a good indication there may be algae growing underneath, too. Algae forms where moisture accumulates. Dangerous mold and mildew can be present, too. Call your expert Welte Roofer to the rescue!

Rain water flows downward, right? Maybe not in a rainstorm. Mix a good heavy downpour with strong winds (they often come together), and you may have water running uphill, or where you least expect it. Let Welte Roofing's experts help you prepare your roof for even the most bizaar weather behavior.

Some areas of wear are obvious.You can see them on your roof, even if you're not an expert. But, what you may not see, is how bad your shingles are decaying underneath the surface. These areas of wear may not show their ugly head until a good gust of wind comes along, a major downpour, snow and ice buildup, or footsteps across the rooftop. Watch for pieces of shingle to appear magically in your lawn, flowerbed or shrubbery. Better yet, let Welte's experts evaluate your shingles, today!

If you can detect these signals, it may be time for a new roof. Please contact us to request a quote.

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