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Pros & Cons of Gutter Screening

Keeping gutters clean is an essential part of homeowner maintenance.  Clogged gutters can cause damage to roofs, windows, doors, foundations, and landscaping.  Welte Roofing Company, Pittsburgh’s leading roof, and repair specialist recommends periodically cleaning out your gutters over installing gutter screens or covers.  But, in heavily wooded areas, especially in western Pennsylvania, sometimes this is not an option. Therefore, it may be necessary to consider gutter screening.

Types of Gutter Screening

There are three main types of gutter screenings/coverings—full covers, wire brushes, and gutter screens. Depending on your needs, you will want to evaluate the pros and cons of each.


You may have seen these being advertised on TV or being sold at mall kiosks.  Full covers tend to be proprietary systems, like “Gutter Helmet” or Leaf Guard”.  As the name suggests, they completely cover the gutter and they have a patented design that allows water to drain around, under the cover and into the gutter.

  • Pros – Since the gutters are completely covered, they prevent debris from entering.  They work great in light, steady rain. The covers are mechanically secured, so they stay in place during heavy winds or intense storms.
  • Cons – Given that these covers are proprietary if you encounter a problem, anyone else that works on them usually voids the warranty.  Some of the systems available are plastic or not the same quality thickness as metal. Often expensive, these covers typically cannot be installed on your existing gutters; or if they can, they permanently alter them.  Once installed, they are difficult to remove. Even though the covers are secured and stay in place during heavy rains and storms, they do not perform well in these conditions. There is too much water for the “roll under” system to function properly, which forces water to shoot over the gutters and allows water to land next to your foundation.


These cylinder shaped brushes placed into the gutter look like giant pipe cleaners.

  • Pros – Easy to install and remove, wire brushes can be used in your existing gutters.  They take up space in the gutter preventing debris from collecting. The wire bristles allow water to still pass, as well as snow and ice to melt.
  • Cons – Debris can build up on the brushes, which impedes water drainage.  Therefore, the brushes need to be removed from the gutter and cleaned periodically.  In heavy winds or intense storms, wire brushes can blow out of the gutters. Often, this type of gutter screening is expensive.


Gutter screens are literally screens that sit over your gutters. They either lie on top, clip-on or attach to the gutter and have holes that allow water to pass while preventing debris from entering the gutter.  There are many styles and materials available, but they all work about the same.

  • Pros – An inexpensive option, gutter screens are easy to install and remove.  They can be installed on your existing gutter system, without permanently altering it.
  • Cons – Despite doing a good job stopping debris buildup in your gutters, the debris collected on the screen can block the water from draining through the screen.  Also, if not mechanically attached, gutter screens can be dislodged during heavy winds and intense storms.

If a screen is needed, Welte Roofing Company generally recommends an aluminum “drop-in” gutter screen.  They come in 3-foot sections and snap into the top of the gutter.  Made of aluminum, they do not rust and they last through Pittsburgh winters.  The screen on them is small enough to prevent large debris and leaves from passing. They are easy to install and easy to remove if your gutters need to be serviced or repaired.

Gutter Service and Repair in Pittsburgh

Welte Roofing Company, family-owned and operated since 1946, offers a fall and spring maintenance program that includes cleaning of gutters & downspouts, visually inspecting the roof, repairing of minor slate/tile/shingle damage and tightening flashings.  With an annual maintenance program, your gutters are kept clean, while onsite professionals assess any needed repairs before and after the winters in Pittsburgh. To speak to our team about gutter service or repair, call 412-341-9400. For more information on our maintenance program, click here [link to maintenance program page on site].



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