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What Weather Conditions Can Affect My Roof?

Your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home.  A properly installed roof will protect your house from various weather conditions, but it will also be the first to be affected by these conditions.  Understanding the effects of weather on your roof and that some types of damage and proper roofing maintenance in Pittsburgh may be inevitable will help you avoid bigger, more expensive repairs down the road.

Five Conditions that Affect Roofing Systems in Pittsburgh

In western Pennsylvania, we experience the full range of weather that comes with seasonal changes.  From heavy rains to wind and snow, our roofs endure a great deal to keep us warm and dry.  Pittsburgh’s Welte Roofing Company highly recommends you stay on top of the potential effects of varying weather conditions.


Since rain is such a common weather condition, homeowners often downplay the possibility of havoc caused by it.  Small, unnoticeable leaks can lead to significant damage when your roof receives heavy and consistent rainfall.  While heavy rainfall gravitates to and infiltrates any weakened areas, on-going rainfall causes pooling on rooftops, which leads to moisture damage.  Regularly inspect your roof, especially after heavy rain, to make sure the water is properly flowing off of your roof.  Spotting a problem early and having professional roofers, like Welte Roofing in Pittsburgh, repair any trouble areas will save you money in the long run.


As a homeowner, it is inevitable—your roof is exposed daily to ultraviolet rays. Even the sun-resistant roofing systems that are available today are eventually affected by the sun’s rays.  Constant exposure to sun and UV rays can cause shingles to become brittle and crack.  Additionally, extreme heat and temperatures can cause roofing materials to expand and shrink, leading to damage.  If your house is well insulated, it is critical that you have enough ventilation to avoid further damage.


It does not have to be a hurricane for wind to cause roof damage.  Strong, high winds can loosen shingles on your roof or even cause them to crack or blister.  Leaving an area exposed to the elements can cause further problems.  With a quick roof inspection after a strong windstorm, you can prevent bigger issues from cropping up later.   Replacing a missing or damaged shingle is a quick fix and cost-effective solution before any real damage is done.


After a snowstorm, it is important that you inspect and remove any snow or ice buildups along the edges of your roof. The weight of the snow can damage your roof as well as your gutters.  In addition, ice dam buildups can cause a cycle of damage before you realize. Ice dams are ridges of ice that form at the edge of your roof.  When the ice begins to melt, it seeps under the shingles and refreezes—further infiltrating your roofing system.


Although not common in the Pittsburgh area, hail storms do happen and they can be worse than rain.  Constant, fast-hitting hail can cause the granules on asphalt shingles to wear down; ultimately, fracturing the shingle.  Once worn down or fractured, the area is exposed and hail begins to impact the area under the shingles.  If not found immediately, you may experience several leaks when the next rain falls.

Hiring professionals, like Welte Roofing Company, to regularly maintain your roof will help you minimize the damage caused by varying weather conditions in the Pittsburgh area.


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